vamonos story

Vamonos Marketing launched September 16, 2009. But the agency forerunner, Miller Marketing, started nine years earlier. It was the evolving experiencing and role with clients that eventually lead to a new focus and identity.

Founded in September 2000, Miller Marketing functioned in the capacity of formulating mass media strategies, buying air time as well as writing and producing commercials. As time passed the agency broadened its role by completing long form video and simpler web sites. By the start of 2009 Miller Marketing was heavily into web site development and just started text marketing.

miller_marketing_webIn the past couple years it was clear that new technology and consumer adaptation was dramatically changing the media landscape and marketing directions. Traditional media still played a key role, but emerging media such as text marketing and mobile internet was able to more effectively capture that elusive, active consumer.

Dan Miller, President of Miller Marketing made the decision by early 2009 to revamp the agency’s entire approach to media and marketing. The direction of marketing was going mobile and personal. What better way to project that new direction in marketing than with name that exclaims “let’s go”! ¡Vamonos! That’s what we’re about. Provocative marketing to consumers on the go!