Every medium has their strengths. The key is to utilize each medium for what it does best in the context of its accompanying challenges.
Here is a Vamonos quick appraisal of how different mediums may benefit your active marketing plan.

For local, commercial purposes the television medium needs to be separated into two entities—Broadcast TV and Cable TV. Broadcast TV are your local over-the-air affiliates who carry local news, more local commercial time and are associated with one of the major TV networks, i.e ABC, FOX or CBS.

Cable TV is the collection of national networks carried by the local Cable system that also offers commercial time to be purchased in the network local breaks. All the networks which are available for local commercial insertion are referred to as ad-supported networks, i.e. ESPN, CNN, TBS, Lifetime, Bravo and Golf TV.

Whether Broadcast or Cable, Television generally offers some big benefits to an outside mass-media marketing campaign.
• Get the powerful two-punch with TV—the visual impact of moving images and the power of words in the audio message. Combined, the two make for a much more memorable impression to the consumer. That’s why millions are spent just producing the commercials to run in the Super Bowl
• Television is still the dominant entertainment medium today. Just notice all the talk the next day after American Idol, Lost or Top Chef. TV is first-choice to be entertained—to be reached with your message
• TV has the live coverage of major national events—from election night coverage to the championship bowl game. It is America’s mass reach medium.

broadcast tv

Broadcast TV adds to the general benefits some of its own unique advantages.
• For the most part Broadcast TV is a reach medium. You can reach thousands, even tens of thousands at once with one local commercial
• Local TV news still garners big mass appeal. No matter where viewers go for their TV entertainment, a big majority will still return to their favorite Broadcast TV affiliate for local news, sports and weather
• The geographic reach of a local Broadcast TV station is regional. Your message will be viewed in at least an 80-mile radius of the station giving you opportunity to get your message to both the metro and rural consumers

cable tv

Conversely, Cable TV has distinctive benefits to a marketing campaign.
• Cable TV provides the ability to target market via the right selection of networks. While the audience size may vary by program or day part, most networks maintain the same target demographic 24 hours a day
• This is a frequency medium. While there are some highly viewed Cable TV networks, many channels maintain smaller audiences and lower rates to let you achieve more frequency to that network’s target market
• Cable TV commercials only go as far as the wires do, which is predominately in the metro area. Your commercial stays within the parameters of the larger metro population.

Watch a sampling of Vamonos TV commercials. Click here or go the ‘vamonos sample gallery’ and select “television gallery” from the list.