social media/Facebook

Every medium has their strengths. The key is to utilize each medium for what it does best in the context of its accompanying challenges.
Here is a Vamonos quick appraisal of how different mediums may benefit your active marketing plan.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 4th largest*! Facebook surpassed 350 million users world-wide in 2009. That’s 1 out of 20 people on a single social networking web site. Not even the highest-rated mass media entity in any community comes close to that ratio of coverage.

Facebook is the top social networking site—the virtual town square where people connect, share and interact with each other. What began as a networking site for college students has since opened up and expanded to include every age range. And it’s not just people connecting with people; Facebook has opened a whole new medium for businesses to connect with people and people to connect with businesses.

* Source: “Social Media Revolution” 2009

What Facebook Adds to Your Marketing

People have their individual Facebook page, and businesses can have their own Facebook page.

Facebook users can become fans of your business. Generally these are your happy, satisfied customers. As they become fans they show on your Facebook page.

Visitors can browse your Facebook page, which actually are a few pages that include:
• A special Welcome splash page that breaks from the standard Facebook layout to incorporate a look of your business and main web site
• Your Info page that provides essential details about your business including a link to your web site and the showing of Facebook fans
Photos page to feature photo galleries of products, employees, and your store or of projects.
• The Wall page which allows you to post updates about your business—special offers, special events, new products, new services… anything newsworthy. As your post on your Wall, that update will be sent to all of your Facebook fans. The Wall is also where you can let your fans provide their feedback in praise, questions and comments
• Vamonos can market your page or your web site with Facebook pay-per-click advertising. These ads appear on the right side of the Facebook screen and can be targeted to specific gender, age and other qualities based on Facebook users’ profile information.

Facebook represents the future of marketing. It’s no longer a one-way dialogue of you telling consumers how good you are… Consumers don’t want to be sold—just provided good information and value. The Facebook fan base is your fraternity of loyal, happy customers. Their praise, for others to read, is more influential than anything you could say. And they’ll tell you how you can serve them better. When you listen and do it—your fan base and business will grow!

Vamonos Marketing will build your Facebook site with a custom welcome page, profile content, images, videos and links—plus assist you by managing the site with weekly posts as well as regular monitoring and administering of fan comments.