Every medium has their strengths. The key is to utilize each medium for what it does best in the context of its accompanying challenges.
Here is a Vamonos quick appraisal of how different mediums may benefit your active marketing plan.

In the era of new media technology, probably no other traditional media has taken a bigger hit than Print. With rising use of electronic media for news and information—especially via the internet—subscriptions and readership for daily newspapers continues to fall. With fewer readers, advertisers are cutting back substantially on their newspaper expenditure. And yet the biggest threat comes from the younger demographics who see no need for a daily newspaper. Take these woes combined with rising paper and labor costs and it’s easy to see why more publications are cutting staff or are folding.

Even with these giant challenges, Print is still viable and can accomplish things still no other media can match. Print in this case can include daily newspapers, weekly papers, monthly magazines and even the plethora of printed inserts, guides and brochures.

Consider these matchless advantages of Print advertising.
• Once your marketing message or piece is printed on paper it has “long shelf life” in that it can be saved, read and referred to often. The consumer is exposed to your ad as much as they read it
• As good as Television and Web Sites are in presenting enticing, colorful images, there is nothing like holding the printed picture and message in your hands. You don’t need a TV screen or monitor to take the ad or piece with you and easily show it to other people. In that sense, your Print message becomes mobile!
• You can put as much facts, figures and details in your printed ad or piece as space permits. This is a great media for providing itemized information as well as wordy specifications—something you cannot do in Radio or TV advertising.
• Target your demographics and lifestyles with Print. There are enough publications out there they let you zero in right to the consumer you want. Daily newspapers are read primarily by a 45+ age group. Weeklies and magazines are usually geared to specific audiences which can be utilized to better pin-point your market.
• Articles in publications go a long way to build awareness and credibility. (Assuming they’re positive towards your business!) While the consumer may miss your ad, they could catch you written up in an article that explains via a third person what you do and what makes you better

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