Every medium has their strengths. The key is to utilize each medium for what it does best in the context of its accompanying challenges.
Here is a Vamonos quick appraisal of how different mediums may benefit your active marketing plan.

Outdoor media can include a number of different mediums within such as billboards and posters large and small, bus advertising, bus shelter and bench advertising as well as other smaller signage visible to passing consumers. In the Outdoor category we’ll consider just the billboard and poster advertising for their greater size and exposure. The Outdoor medium can be very beneficial to a long-term marketing program for some very solid reasons.

• Outdoor is effective for reaching mobile consumers. They see the message on the go—for generally about 8 seconds
• Your Outdoor message is viewed by anyone of any age and either gender. It provides mass appeal to your campaign
• At the same time, placement of Outdoor in selected areas and neighborhoods of the community can also help target key demographics who live and pass by in that neighborhood
• The message on an Outdoor platform goes 24 hours a day, everyday—especially if your message is lit at night
• Outdoor is a big Reach medium but also gives your campaign excellent Frequency with the repetitive viewings of your message. The Outdoor advertising providers can provide traffic data to give you a good estimate of Reach and Frequency
• Generally Outdoor media offers a low cost-per-thousand Reach making it an efficient component to your overall marketing campaign
• Though the message needs to be short with the quick reading time, Outdoor is really effective at making powerful, concise statements about your business that consumers see and read over and over to the point of memorizing. That can be effective marketing positioning
• Outdoor media is great for teaser campaigns, grand openings, directions—and steering consumers to your web site.