mobile/text marketing

Every medium has their strengths. The key is to utilize each medium for what it does best in the context of its accompanying challenges.
Here is a Vamonos quick appraisal of how different mediums may benefit your active marketing plan.

A device that is not only a major communication tool but has become an essential right-hand companion is the multi-tasking mobile phone. But these aren’t just phones anymore; they do web, e-mail, GPS, music, pictures, video, games and a lot more. Anymore, their owners are lost without them!

And the impact of this new technology is sending ripples everywhere. Discovery News* reports that 18% of Americans have replaced their home landline with connecting solely via their mobile phone. Now a growing amount of users are also using Blackberry’s and smart phones more than their laptop or desktop computer. This adaptation to mobile technology has set the stage to many new forms of personal marketing.

* 12/17/08

text marketing
Not as much as a technological innovation as a cultural phenomenon, texting has become a primary form of communication—to the point of reaching 1 billion text messages sent per month! Teenagers are known to produce the highest volume of texts but they’re not alone in the process. Parents wanting to stay in touch with their children along with phones sporting ‘qwerty’ keyboards have moved texting use into older demographics. In fact, the average age of the “texter” now is 38 years old!

With texting comes text marketing. As you communicate with others by texting; businesses can also communicate to consumers via text messages containing updates and special offers. An interested consumer voluntarily provides their mobile number to opt-in to receive future text blasts from a business. Typically you’ll see promotions inviting people to text their phone number to a short code, i.e. 79274. The short code of 5 to 6 numbers came about as a way to separate voice numbers from text only communication. The major wireless carries agree to allow select short code numbers to work on their systems nationwide.

The short code can be used by multiple businesses. What separates them is the ‘keyword’ you type in to that short code. For example, a few years back, McDonalds did a text promotion in southern California that had patrons text McFlurry to 73620. “McFlurry” typed in either upper or lower case was the keyword to separate where the message was sent on that short code of 73260. Immediately upon sending the message to McDonalds a coupon for a McFlurry was sent right back to the customer. Once that phone number is sent and captured into a data base, the business can send out future offers to consumers.
At any time the phone user can text “Stop” to the short code to discontinue receiving the text offers. Customers are informed either within the first text message and/or in promotion pieces that standard text rates apply. If the phone user has a text plan with their service it cost nothing to receive text marketing messages.

Vamonos Marketing has the text short code 79274. There are a variety of options Vamonos makes available to do a text marketing program including:
• text coupons and special offers
• updates to new products and services
• text survey to allow customers to vote for favorites and even receive future offers based on their survey response
• text-to-win contest
• instant link to main web site or a mobile web site
• Mobile Realtor tied to a local real estate company to send requested information to a shopper on any home in that area’s MLS

Have Vamonos design a custom text marketing program for your business. Vamonos Marketing provides hands- on service in providing ideas, writing text messages and executing the program. Your text messages will be sent when your customers are the most interested or able to respond quickly to your offer. Get the backing of full-service marketing professionals to make you text campaign provide the best return of investment.

mobile web sites
With mobile wi-fi and 3G networks, Blackberry’s, i-phones and other smart phones now provide full access to the web. However, the key is to make a web site easy to navigate and view on a small phone-sized screen. Mobile web sites are made in web page file sizes and designs that are quick to load on the phone, simple to navigate and easy to read. A mobile site has the look of a regular web site, just much more mobile phone-friendly.

Vamonos Marketing has the expertise to design and build mobile web sites with applications that best serve you and your customers.
• a special web site utilized just on the mobile web
• a version of your main web site that is simpler and easy to read on the smart phones
• landing pages linked from text messages made to provide additional information for the consumer to make their buying decision