internet marketing

Every medium has their strengths. The key is to utilize each medium for what it does best in the context of its accompanying challenges.
Here is a Vamonos quick appraisal of how different mediums may benefit your active marketing plan.

Despite the explosion of the internet in the last dozen years, there is still this persistent misnomer among many small to mid-size businesses that if they build it (a web site); they (customers) will come. While the internet is no longer as easy as Kevin Costner’s plan in “Field of Dreams”, it is still a very ripe field of opportunity.

Internet marketing is how you use the web medium, beyond the web site itself, to draw consumers to your site and business. There are many effective processes to utilize which go beyond that popular buzz term “search engine optimization”. Here are three fundamental ways to market more effectively on the internet.

natural/organic search engine optimization

A top concern in planning a good web site is making sure your target consumers can find it! It’s true; showing up is often half the battle. The short to this extensive topic of making sure your web site is more readily found by the search engines includes:

  • Relevant content in html text that search engines easily read and index
  • Proper page titles and url’s that correspond to the page’s content
  • Page descriptions, key words and other meta tags inputted correctly that not always visible on the site but scanned by the search engines.
  • Web site properly registered on the main search engines

Vamonos Marketing includes a thorough natural search engine optimization in all web site building projects. Most often the page is fully optimized as it is put up on the site to begin indexing with the search engines immediately.

If your web site is already up, Vamonos Marketing can do a full review on how to better implement a natural search engine optimization program.

google adwords

Google reports that 40% of their users also utilize the advertised listings on the search results. These are the search listings you find on the right side of the screen and often up to the first three listings on top of page. The AdWords listings are often called “pay-per-click” ads because the display of the listing is free and only costs the advertiser when their Google ad is clicked on.

AdWords are beneficial in getting your search listing seen when the site is new and/or in categories difficult to get first page coverage on the organic search. They’re also favorable for targeted key word searches. While Google is the dominant web search engine, there are “pay-per-click” programs available by MSN, Bing/Yahoo and Search to name a few. AdWords has not only generated millions of dollars for Google, it has also created an entire study and industry on utilizing pay-per-click listings to generate web site traffic.

Steve Morse with Vamonos Marketing is Google Certified in the Google AdWords program. He has done numerous search engine ad campaigns with Google as well as Yahoo and MSN. Steve and Vamonos Marketing can design effective “pay-per-click” that include key word research, determining effective monthly budgets and writing effective ad copy.

landing pages

A key aspect in getting the best results in both the organic search and “pay-per-click” listing is to be sure content in the web site matches the keywords the consumer has typed in on their search. Let’s say for example you’re in the paint business that includes an inventory of specialized motorcycle spray paints. There will be consumers that will type in searches for these bike paints. Unless your web site has adequate content about your motorcycle paint selection your business may not show up on the first two pages of the search. To be safe, you could devote a special page with pictures and plenty of descriptive text about your motorcycle paint inventory. This “landing page” stands out because of the better match of search key words to relevant content on that subject. As a result, when the consumer types in key words on that are found on your site, chances are the search listing will bring up your ‘bike paint’ landing page as where to click to find the results they are searching for in that category.

Vamonos Marketing can design and build web landing pages that help your site index stronger and get the desired traffic


One of the best returns of investment for your business is marketing to your current customer base. They will be the first to respond to the new opportunities and special offers you send them. Traditionally this correspondence was done via direct mail. Today, the emerging method of reaching your loyal customers is with e-mail newsletters or “e-newsletters”.

Three top concernswith this popular form of internet marketing are 1) the collection and management of customer e-mail addresses, 2) making an attractive e-newsletter piece your customers will want to read and 3) being sure it will actually end up in their inbox. Professional e-newsletter platforms are available that can help in all three of those areas and more. These programs have you adhere to anti-spamming rules but also ensure that the majority of your e-newsletters arrive where you want them. E-newsletters can include pictures, videos and links to your web site or other sites—and be designed to reflect a specific image or look of your web site.

Vamonos Marketing will tailor an e-newsletter program for your business depending on what you specifically need. Our services include:
• Installation of program to collect and build e-mail database
• E-newsletter writing
• Design
• Segmentation of customer base for specialized updates and offers
• Management of newsletter delivery
• Training for whatever aspect you want to do yourself


Combining the term ‘web log’, a blog is a web site specifically designed to disseminate information, commentary and descriptions which can be made of text, pictures, videos, audio recordings and graphs. A blog is maintained by either one individual or a group of persons who may be identified separately or kept as one entity.

Unlike building a web site, maintaining and adding to a blog is substantially easier to any non-technical person. Search engines regularly scan consistently updated blogs for new content that will be indexed and used for key word search results. The act of adding or writing on a blog is referred to as ‘posting’, or to write a ‘post’. The great benefit then of a blog is the ability to instantly post relevant information on the web that draws good traffic to your blog site, which in turn can be directed to your main web site and lead to profitable awareness and sales.

Four essential practices to having a successful blog are—
- consistent posting—at least once or twice a week
- reasonable length posts—typically one to three paragraphs
- content that’s relevant, relatable and interesting to readers
- utilizing key words which would be used in a web search regarding your topic. This is how your blog gets found!

The web is extremely competitive. Any thing less than doing the above steps will likely lead to inferior indexing on the search engines.

Have Vamonos Marketing help you launch a blog for your business. The blog can be associated with your main web site or have its own domain name. Vamonos can install the blog and show you how to properly utilize it as a significant marketing tool. Or, Vamonos Marketing can make it completely turn-key by researching, writing and maintaining your blog—keeping in regular contact to determine topics and content which will benefit your business on the web.